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“Langsamt” is a sustainability web shop, run by mother and daughter, Dorthe and Johanne. The name is inspired by the original meaning of the Danish word for slowly, “langsomt”, signifying "something that lasts a long time". When selecting garments, we carefully observe that the materials used, from fibres to final product, have been prepared in ways as sustainably as possible. It is our desire is that clothes from Langsamt is allowed to last long and wear out from loving use.


All products, materials, and certifications each have their own strengths and weaknesses in regard to sustainability. Our solution to this is to make some choices in advance that we think are sustainable, stand by them, and then let the rest be up to you. We have therefore made it possible to filter your shopping for materials and certifications. Under the menu "Sustainability" you can read more about these.

If you cannot be bothered with all that text, you can always be sure we have chosen clothes that are:

- Made from environmentally friendly, natural and recycled materials

-Produced under safe, healthy and fair working conditions checked by others than the designers themselves

-Designed to stay beautiful for a long time


We have made an effort to choose our selection and hope you will do the same.


Most loving


Dorthe and Johanne