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Our approach

Our approach to sustainability is first and foremost to select clothes with good durable qualities designed to last year after year. In addition, we select eco friendly materials with a minimal use of water, chemicals and energy, and we believe in certifications that can provide reassurance and transparency when it comes to labor market conditions and ecology.

Slow clothing

Sustainable clothing is not a style or a fabric. Each piece of beautiful clothing has its strengths and weaknesses in regard to sustainability. On this web shop we have made some basic choices about fabric and certification that we believe are sustainable and let the choice be up to you. We do not bombard with information and scare stories, but put provide as much information as possible, enabling you to un-fold the information and take a stand. In addition, you can freely filter what weigh the most for you, i.e. whether it is vegan, fair trade or organic.

All the practicalities told, we are also just two women, appreciating the little magic of a colours and texture going up in unity with the personality of the one wearing it. We have great love for clothes, and therefore believe that it must be carefully selected, used and looked after.


Our garments are made from natural materials, i.e. organic cotton, linen or hemp, the most delicious soft wool for example from sheep, goats and alpacas or silk, all transparent regarding origin and animal welfare. Additionally, we have clothes in lyocell (tencel), modal and viscose, all of which are materials that in their basic form comes from wood fibre, processed in a closed system with recycling of water and chemistry. We never choose clothes in pure plastic such as nylon and polyester unless recycled, or from left over deadstock fabric rolls.


Certification is our safeguard to ensure that a number of minimum requirements are fulfilled and that other than the manufacturers themselves have checked up on conditions regarding ecology, chemistry, animal welfare and working conditions. All our designers have their distinct certifications and particular focus on sustainability. For us, the certifications are particularly important when it comes to working conditions, as we want the clothes we sell to be made under safe, healthy and economically reasonable conditions