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Beaa customized golden khaki



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Klassisk undertrøje i blød økologisk GOTS-certificeret bomuld. Undertrøjen kan tilpasses til ønskede længde ved at klippe over langs bunden.

– Pasform: slim fit
– Materiale: 100 % økologisk bomuld

Materials: Økologisk bomuld

Økologisk bomuld

Bomuld er et naturligt og fornybart materiale, fra bomuldsplanten. Økologisk bomuld gror uden tilføjelse af pesticider, kunstgødning, vækstregulatorer og genmodificeret frø så hverken vand eller jord forurenes. Hvis bomulden er økologisk certificeret med GOTS, betyder det derudover, at bomuld fra plante til endeligt stykke tøj lever op til bæredygtige kriterier både ift. miljø og arbejdsforhold.

Certifications: Fairtrade, GOTS, PETA-Approved Vegan


Fairtrade is an international certification seeking to improve the work- and living conditions of farmers through trade. As with Fairtrade certified food, Fairtrade cotton means that the farmers are guaranteed a fixed price for their cotton that does not fluctuate depending on the fluctuations in the global market, and that this price gives them a wage they can live on. In addition to a stable salary, the farmers earn a bonus that they can use for improving methods of cultivation, or schools and hospitals in the local area. Fairtrade certified cotton can originate from Asia, Africa and South and Central America. Control of compliance with Fairtrade conditions is performed by the independent company FLOCERT. What difference does Fairtrade make? • Fixed price of the goods. • Long-term cooperation between farmers and retailers. • Good working and participatory conditions. • Producers' children are ensured schooling. • Living wage plus collective bonus Read more here: http://www.fairtrade-maerket.dk/ https://www.flocert.net/


GOTS stands for "Global Organic Textile Standard", and is the most comprehensive and widespread organic certification in natural fibres such as cotton, linen and wool. The certification includes environmentally friendly cultivation and processing from plant or animal to final piece of clothing. The certification generally covers three areas: 1) organic cultivation without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, 2) gentle dyeing and processing without chemicals suspected of being endocrine disruptors or harmful to health and, 3) safe, healthy and fair working conditions (according to ILO) for everyone working with the organic materials, including the seamstresses. What difference does GOTS make? • Minimum is 70% organic. • No use of pesticides in cultivation. • No use of harmful chemicals. • Guarantees safe and healthy pay. • Ensures resistance to light, wash and shrinkage. Read more here: https://www.global-standard.org/

PETA-Approved Vegan

PETA is the world's largest animal rights organization. The PETA-Approved Vegan certification is used, among other things, in the food industry, in laboratories and the clothing industry. If clothing is marked with PETA certification, the garments do not contain leather, fur, wool, or anything derived from animals. What difference does PETA-Approved Vegan make? • Provides a guarantee that the garments do not contain materials derived from animals. Read more here: https://www.peta.org/living/personal-care-fashion/shop-vegan-clothing-compassionate-shopping-guide/

Who made it?

Made in Barcelos by Valerius Valérius Têxteis S.A.

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