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Dina hipsters pink



Hipsters with pink zigzag-pattern in soft recycled polyester mesh.


– Fit: True to size. High rise fit.

– Materials:  96% recycled polyester, 4% elastane

Certifications: Eco-Tex, GRS, PETA-Approved Vegan


OEKO-TEX is an independent health certification that, through laboratory tests, ensures that the final piece of clothing does not contain substances known or suspected to be harmful. OEKO-TEX tests for more than 300 different health and environmentally harmful substances, including heavy metals, azo dyes and pesticides, continuously adjusting their requirements, ensuring they are updated according to the latest health research. Overall, the certification is a health guarantee for persons using the clothes, and thus not an ecological certification, even though the name might indicate it. What difference does OEKO-TEX make? • Set minimum limits for harmful substances that exceed the general legislation in Denmark and the EU. • Ensures that the garments do not contain substances suspected of being allergenic, carcinogenic or reprotoxic. • OEKO-TEX SteP, besides limiting the health hazardous chemistry, also entails requirements for environmentally friendly production and safe, healthy and fair working conditions. • When the company is OEKO-Tex and OEKO-TEX SteP certified, it can further be certified as “OEKO-TEX made in green”, obtaining a unique ID number making it possible to track all information about the brand's production facilities and working conditions. Read more here: http://www.okotex.dk


GRS stands for "Global Recycle Standard", and includes environmental and social responsibility in factories working with recycling of fibres. This covers, among other things, sewage protection, restricting the use of chemistry and guidelines for the employees' health and safety. The certification can be used within various types of textile and must contain at least 20% recycled fibres. What difference does GRS make? • Ensure that the material consists of recycled fibres. • Tracking of the recycled clothing so that only discarded clothing, otherwise treated as waste, is used. • Requirements for safe, sound and fair working conditions (in accordance with ILO), checked by factory visits by an impartial third party. Read more here: http://www.made-by.org/consultancy/standards/grs/

PETA-Approved Vegan

PETA is the world's largest animal rights organization. The PETA-Approved Vegan certification is used, among other things, in the food industry, in laboratories and the clothing industry. If clothing is marked with PETA certification, the garments do not contain leather, fur, wool, or anything derived from animals. What difference does PETA-Approved Vegan make? • Provides a guarantee that the garments do not contain materials derived from animals. Read more here: https://www.peta.org/living/personal-care-fashion/shop-vegan-clothing-compassionate-shopping-guide/

Who made it?

Made in Latvia

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