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Yak Scarf – dark brown


by Dinadi

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Big, classic and timeless scarf in soft and warm yak wool.

– Measures: 200 x 70 cm

– Materials: 100% uncoloured yak wool from the Tibetan Plateau

Who made it?

Knitted in Nepal by hand or on a knitting machine. Dinadi's knitting team has the opportunity to work from home. Besides their salary, the employees receive an extra 25% for their children's schooling, free health care and a saving for their retirement. In all of Dinadi's knit you can find a signature from the woman who knitted it, and on the brands webpage you can read their annual social impact report and look at pictures of the entire team. https://www.dinadi.com/about-us/our-team/

Garment care

Wash in cold water by using a detergent specially adapted for wool and fine washing, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water. Squeeze out the water and place flat to dry staying in shape. With all of Dinadi's knit a string of yarn is included if a hole should appear.

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Dinadi's knit always comes in tiny boxes that can be used for storage of smaller things. The boxes are made of Lokta paper that originates from the locally fast growing Lokta bush, that grows in areas unsuitable for food. The paper is made by hand and sundried.